Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Fair Tatting!

Carol Amich from nearby Frankfort has been sharing with me the tatting she is entering into their county fair this week. All of Carol's tatting is impressive (also the painting) but I was especially taken with this angel and asked if I could share it here. In the close up, you can see the cluny holly leaves in the bouquet of flowers! Carol has already filled up the tatting categories so will enter this in the Christmas decorations.........hope it does well. I know it would in tatting, but they don't judge Christmas decorations by the same criteria. Of course, there is always Palmettos!

I plan to go to the fair so I can see them closer up! The halo is exceptionally creative too, did you notice?

The bag from Japanese Tatter's Webring, Beaded Beads is lovely and colorful. It's hard for me to tell if these are tatted or beaded without tatting, but it certainly is unique.

Here are numerous pics, and patterns, also from that webring.

And this one features
several patterns in Bead Tatting and Beadwork by Atelier yuuko. In Japanese, but also diagrammed. I especially like necklaces #1 and #3 and brooch #1.

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  1. This angel is awsome...this is the kind of tatted angel I love. I'm rather particular about tatted angels...and angels in general...I like my angels to have a face! This is lovely!


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