Sunday, July 25, 2004

Wimples & Such

Someone asked me what a wimple was. This is it. They are usually lacy. Maybe we should make a tatted one? It might be nice for summer....more pretty than functional.

During Tatting Guild, we usually have a little show and tell. Maria brought her tatted ornament covers along with the PURPLE ribbon she won for them!  They are just gorgeous!


I don't remember the person on the left or the child's name, but the person on the right is Kaye Judt, helping her learn to tat. What I do remember is that she is 9 years old and has the most beautiful red hair. And she is learning to tat!

Sue Hansen and Jane Eborall reinforced the reinforced the challenge Palmettos gave to everyone - teach at least one child to tat in the coming year. They are the future.

I have some UFO's in tatting but I think I'm going to crochet my sock monkey. In one of the knitting magazines I got yesterday, they have mittons, scarf, and a few other things knitted in combo threads to look like the red sock monkey yarn.


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