Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Frankfort's Clinton County Fair

I stayed after hours last night and finished up a report for a meeting today, went home and changed to cooler clothes, and headed to Frankfort. I've never been to the fairgrounds there but Carol's directions were easy to follow. Once I got in the gate, it seemed like I walked two blocks before I got to the exhibit building. They have a LOT of rides at their fair! Their exhibit hall is a little smaller than Tippecanoe's but that made it easier to find what I was looking for. Carol had emailed late Sunday night, full of excitement over her many ribbons! LOL! Here they are:

The angel is exquisite, even though it didn't win big. I think if she enters it into other competitions specifically for tatting that it will do much much better. What I did like about it not winning big was that it was out on a table and I got a real close look at it. LOL! Carol really did some beautiful tatting there. There are pearlescent white beads in the halo and wings too that you can't see in the picture.

Congratulations to Carol Amich for a winning production!!!!

I'll be dropping my entries off tomorrow night. Not nearly as many as Carol though.

I've been working on a Dusenbury heart. I used a size 40 Venus thread for part of it and size 50 Altin Basak for the daisies. Not done yet, but there is a noticeable difference in the threads. I'm going to go ahead and finish it, block it, and see how it looks. It was meant to be a wedding gift for a co-worker who remarried her ex-spouse unexpectedly. I might have to make a different one. Didn't realize this would take so long!

I was just working on the heart during lunch and while 3 shuttles were listed in the beginning, I didn't see where a 3rd shuttle came in........till now. LOL! I have another shuttle with me, but not the thread. So it will wait until I get home eventually. My middle son's birthday is today, aged 24 years now, so I'm taking him to dinner. He's vegetarian and Cajun Connection verified they have a vegetarian jambalaya with okra and other veggies. It's kind of hard to find vegetarian dishes in restaurants that aren't just a veggie burger or salad.

Well, I'm off to a meeting in a few minutes and I doubt I'll do much more in the way of tatting today.


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