Friday, April 11, 2003

Color is such a KEY to any kind of art, including tatting. I bought several of these little frames that are basically a backing, glass and corner clips. The corner clips are different pastel colors. I changed the color I was using for the frame to more closely match the dominant color of the motif, added a couple of flutters in the same thread of the motif - and it all came together. I'll post the scan when I resize it.

I finished a little fan that I started on Lace Day this evening, mostly because I wanted the shuttle empty. And it worked out perfectly, emptying the shuttle on the last join. I still have thread on the chain shuttle, but that's ok - I only needed one for the moment, which I promptly wound with a thread that I also purchased on Lace Day. I'm looking at a Japanese tatting book, Tatting, by Yusai Shakoin, which has so many pretty things in it. There is a little drawstring bag that I'm particularly attracted to, but it's a bigger project than I want to tackle right now while I still have some other obligations to finish up. I think I will just make a small motif from the book to test the thread and the book diagrams at the same time. Variegated threads are always a challenge. They look so pretty on the ball but I think there must be an art to knowing just what kind of piece to tat with them. Bookmarks usually look good. Hearts too. If the motif is too small, the colors don't balance out, seeming too concentrated without the hint of the others showing strongly enough. They look like a mistake, no matter how perfectly tatted. And then some large pieces look too busy with solid variegated. The larger pieces tend to look better if the variegated is alternated or used with a solid color. Sometimes the lesser used color in the variegated is the one that should be matched with a solid and sometimes the more dominant color should be matched. I'm reluctant to use a variegated in a large project because it's a lot of tatting time and effort that doesn't always pull it off. You can almost be certain that a solid color will look good in a large project. I do prefer using color most of the time, but that drawstring bag is probably going to be white when I make it. The cloth bag underneath will provide the color. Or.............I could use a white cloth bag and make the tatted part the color. Oh sheesh! Now I'm going to have to make TWO bags - no way around it!

No problem - tatting is never wasted. I can think of at least 3 people to give an extra bag to if I can bear to part with it. LOL!

Ummm, just remembered I want to scan Hopie's ice crystals before sending on.


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