Sunday, April 06, 2003

Busy weekend.

Lace Day went well - I took photos and will have them developed soon. I was too lazy to go into town today. I have a gorgeous butterfly from Gail - I'll post it tomorrow. And a new earring pattern from Carol A. - I'll post those as soon as I make 'em. Spent lots of money! Got 3 shuttles, 4 counting my commemorative shuttle, a picot gauge, 8 new balls of thread, some 0000 knitting needles, and 2 new tatting books. It's amazing how that all adds up!

I was a little disappointed that only Chris from our group had another fan, a bobbin lace fan, still on the pillow. Oh well.......I could have fair entries done already! I don't think I'll enter the fans in tatting though - perhaps make up a display that could be used for home decor instead.

When I got home Saturday, I had an ebay win in the mail. I'd bid on an antique pincushion - a porcelain woman with the pincushion skirt. The doll part is in good shape, but the cloth leaves a lot to be desired - which is good - I wanted to recreate the skirt part and now I won't feel guilty about taking off a perfectly good one! There was also a crocheted heart pincushion - obviously ancient - and it looked like the thread at the top had been cut or come loose, but now that I look at it, I don't think so. Oh, wait, yes - I was pulling the wrong thread. I hadn't really wanted it, but since I've got it, I may try to repair it. I've made one similar to this, but it had scallops on the outside edge and this is just a chain. Very plain.

I won the shuttle bid too, that I mentioned in a recent entry. I have to send payment for this one so it will take a little longer to get. I think the sewing machine part is a shuttle mechanism too - but not anything I can use. Both these auctions included pins and buttons and snaps - stuff I don't need and already have to get rid of myself.

I'm anxious to have time to organize my stuff now. Tatting spread throughout the house and I don't know where half of it is.

I've got several thank-you bookmarks to make. But I still have 2 RR flutters and a birthday RR to finish. Rework the Dorcas bonnet and maybe get back to the elephant. I also have some book reviews to finish...........

And it's almost mushroom hunting season!

I should check in my needlework kits to see if there is something my DIL would like to try while she is laid up. Maybe she would like to try some crochet? It's fairly easy. She doesn't have a lot of patience so I think tatting is out for the moment. I picked up a RX at the pharmacy last night before I went over - she's having nausea from the painkiller again. She could use a distraction, I think.

Well, what shall I tat first????? Use new threads????? I got some BRIGHT colors. BRILLIANT hues. CHEERY!

I saw on Compulsively Crafty that she had painted a bathroom in shocking pink! I rather like it, you know? Debating on the bathroom here.............I like those bright colors. My bedroom is purple and it is my favorite room at the moment. The bathroom is a deep blue - and yes it looks good. Dark colors are not bad - it's balanced with plenty of white so it's not overpowering. I'm kinda drawn to that pink though. Don't think my son would like it - (GGG) I'll wait til he moves out.


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