Tuesday, April 15, 2003

LOL! Hobbes makes you dizzy if you watch him very long!

I'm still tatting the motif from the Japanese book. I made it longer and will probably make it a bookmark - but I may frame it if I find a suitable frame. My son says rain is in the forecast so I may have more indoor time to work on it in a day or so.

Today I went shopping! Planned shopping, for the most part. I got a riding mower with a bagger........mine has been barely usable for several years now - in fact, my neighbors have mowed the big part in return for permission to hunt over the hill. But Scott & Tammy were divorced last year and he had his nephew mow and one of my other neighbors - but I really prefer to mow it myself - so I'm back in business again. We can't get the push mower started yet either. sigh.............

I also got a wheelbarrow. So much brush and twigs to clean up around here.

Then, I went to Big Lots and bought some make up to play with. Cheeep. I didn't really need anything but wanted to play around with a few colors. Already tried some out! Also got some nail polish, which I don't usually wear as my nails are short and tend to break - but it's toenail showing time!

I haven't been home much to do anything today.......so I'm gonna get off here and do some chores and catch up on other stuff. Then perhaps I will have time to tat!


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