Sunday, April 20, 2003

Just a quickie!

Beautiful day - sun shining after raining all night and morning. Went to my daugher's for early dinner and had a pleasant visit with everyone.

I finished the 2nd bookmark with that very pretty thread yesterday. I'll post a scan tomorrow. Also tatted some earrings today from Carol Amich's design. I still need to finish the ends and attach to ear wires - then will post those too.

Then, when time permits, I need to rework the Dorcas bonnet backside. One more butterfly for RR. A coupla more bookmarks to do, I think. And then back to Penelope or maybe start a peacock!

But for now, I gotta go get J. from work - his car is dying all the time so Mom is to the rescue. Poor fella is winding up the semester projects and preparing for finals too.


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