Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Just enjoyed reading the comments on the foot flip-flop issue at Not Martha . I was amazed at how many comments there were! We used to have those all the time growing up - those rubber thong shoes. As a child, they didn't bug me too bad, but I hate them now. I used to keep some for the creek or a quick put-on to go get the mail, but they tend to slide sideways on my feet and then my toes are pulling on the thong painfully and my heels are still in the gravel as I gamely limp down the drive. I think that's why I never even tried thong panties or lingerie. Knowing how much those toe thongs hurt...........no way am I gonna brutalize such delicate skin!

Not a minute to tat last night.

My son's car keeps dying so he made arrangements to have it checked today and decided we would take it there last evening. But he also worked until 9:00 p.m. so I had to pick him up from work first and come home. I didn't even get out of the car while he put some gas in his car from the lawnmower gas can - he was almost on empty! Then we jumpstarted it and let it charge up a bit. And down the highway we go. We are approximately 9 or so miles from this business. Three miles down the road, he is failing and pulls into a side road. He is so far ahead of me that I didn't see it til I passed and it took awhile to find a turn-around. We briefly jumpstart and only charge a few minutes as we are blocking the road, even if it is a side road. One person pulled around us in the grass. This time we didn't even get a mile down the road so we charged a bit longer. I said "tell me where you are going because it's dark and once your car dies and there are no lights - I can't see you" So he says there is a main road ahead and he takes off. I lose him, it's dark, it's a back road I'm not familiar with altho I could find my way in the daylight. I am nearly to Dayton, a train is on the track and I know I didn't pass him and I know he likely didn't make it this far, so I turn around and go back, hoping I am covering the same ground. I am close to our original take off point and he is no where in sight. I turn around and head out again - and finally come to a point where I think he may have taken a turn. And yes, a mile or so down this road, there he is, pulled into a business drive. I almost miss him because it is so dark. We charge even longer this time, discussing what will happen if he can't get through the light at the highway before stalling again. He takes off like a bat out of hell again, thinking the faster he goes, the sooner he will get to his destination before it dies again. sigh.................at this point, I give it to the Universe.......He made it through the highway light and we are zooming down 38 when I get stopped at a light. I lose track of him again and there is considerable traffic on this road. I make my way down the highway, watching intently - and I don't see him anywhere. I go all the way to Raisor Pontiac, which is where I think he is going. No where. So much freakin' traffic and I'm trying to go slow and watch for him. A moonless night too. I backtrack all the way back to the light I was stopped at and turn around. This time I go even slower and I am almost at Kmart again, where he works part-time, scanning the lots all along the way - when it dawns on me that he goes to the Raisor's FORD place, right across from Kmart, to get his car worked on usually. Sigh..............I turn into this Raisor's and I'm creeping along in the lot, looking for any sign of him and here he comes sprinting! He made it there without stalling, watching in frustration as I passed by once, twice.............finally turning in. His cell phone was dead and so he hadn't brought it with him and we had no way to communicate ..................arrrrggghhh

We shoulda just had the damn thing towed.

We had a very late dinner. I checked some email and went to bed. No tatting!


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