Monday, April 21, 2003

Two bookmarks and 4 flutters! The thread is Altin Basak - both the variegated and solid, size 50. The motifs were both from the Japanese book that I don't have with me to name.
Both motifs were experimental. The oval one was originally a motif with only 3 center motifs that I expanded to 5 to make it long enough for a bookmark. The rectangular one was a single motif and I made 3, joining as I went. The tail is a new idea. I felt a single tassel in the center wouldn't look as nice as 2 in the corners but if they were in the corners, they needed to come together farther down. I like the way the it turned out. I really like the way the variegated worked up in this one too.

These earrings were tatted in some size 50 altin basak - plain black thread with multicolored beads. The pattern was given to me by Carol Amich - her own design! Thank you Carol!

They did work up very nicely with the beads and didn't take all that long. I completed one before I went to my daughter's for Easter and completed the 2nd one while at her house waiting on the last minute dinner fixings. I also painted some stiffener on the thread of these - hoping it will protect the thread from wear and tear and exposure.


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