Friday, April 25, 2003

Here are Celine and Elise from Tatted Butterflys by Adelheid Dangela. Celine is done in size 80 DMC tatting thread - it's a variegated gold/brown. Elise is also in size 80, a variegated pastel and a deep rose for the body and rings. I thought one lower wing was noticeably smaller than the other, but when I pinch them together, they are the same size, but still the tension is tighter on one. I think the way the color changes adds an illusion in size too. The brown/gold reminds me of moths you see in late summer/early autumn. I think that thread would be good for leaves - also the red varigated - then you would have the spectacular fall foliage we have here.

Now I need to do my changes on the Dorcas bonnet and I have a couple of people I'm looking for patterns for that I need to attend to. And then I can PLAY! The county fair is in July and I'm not sure what I want to enter. I may enter the fan I've already done and perhaps some earrings in the handmade jewelry category. I'd also like to try a necklace, but if I try to have them done for the fair - then I get stressed. That reminds me, I still have the table topper I started in Ireland that I'd meant to enter last year...........still not done. There is also a card case I started and it's probably 3/4 done that I want to complete. That one is an antique pattern from an old Needlecraft. I have a crocheted one too that is done and I wanted to compare the two.

But before I get too entrenched in anything, I want to finish the organizing I started months ago! My riding mower is supposed to come in this weekend and if it does and we get it picked up - lots of yard work to do. And Andy (son) might get the garden tilled so I can plant! I'll have to plant some butterfly attracting plants this year so I can have real flutters all over the place!


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