Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I finished the motif this morning - just need to hide my thread and block and decide what I'm going to do with it. I'm pleased with the colors. I had made a square motif out of the multicolored thread - think I may add a few more and make a bookmark.

Another sunny day! I had to serve at a grievance process early this afternoon, so now that I'm home and checking my mail, I'm having a little trouble getting motivated to do anything else.

Last night we moved the treadmill to the basement and the entertainment center to the sewing room. I still have one corner in there to sort through and stuff from the living room to go to the basement. Then I can start getting some work done.

Got my seahorse shuttles from The Shuttleshop today! Yesterday, I received a metal shuttle from an ebay win. I'm trying to remember if I have one like it. It has a pointed tip, no hook - no stamping on it anywhere. I think it's chrome plated.

Don't rememeber if I mentioned it but I've been using the wooden shuttle with a hook that I bought from The Lacemaker on Lace Day. It holds a lot of thread and I like that particular hook on the end, but it's a pain to wind. I think as I use it more, the slots that the thread goes through will wear smoother. Size 70 or 80 thread wouldn't be a problem, but the thicker threads don't slide through as slick. I like the shape of it too - squarish and flat. I'd seen one that someone else had - a stranger to me, so I couldn't examine it closely, and admired the look of it then. There were 2 sizes and I bought the smaller one - which feels a little bigger in my hand than the shuttles I typically use. I don't think I would like the bigger one.

Well, I have to sort out some tatting stuff - some to send off, some to describe, and take care of other matters too. (like dishes!)
Maybe more later.


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