Thursday, April 24, 2003

Last night I finished "Elise" from Adelheid Dangela's Tatted Butterflys pattern book. Then I wet and blocked it, hoping to balance the lower wings with the pinning. This morning, I could still tell the one side was tighter than the other. Looks a bit lopsided.
I used size 70 or 80 tatting thread, something I don't normally do. It didn't look as tiny as it used to, believe it or not! But my tension is considerably tighter on the 2nd wing. I'm not's for a RR. I think I'll keep it for myself and do a better one for the recipient. The colors didn't match the way it looked they would to begin with anyway.

I did go ahead and start a completely different flutter last night, just because these are so small, I feel a need to include a second flutter to compensate for size.

This is my LAST tat for the roundrobins I'm involved in. Gotta finish up some other stuff before I get into any more.


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