Thursday, April 10, 2003

Last evening I continued with a motif I had started a week or so ago with 2 strands of multicolored cotton floss. It's an old pattern - a rose framed in tatted loops/rings. It took me awhile to find the book the pattern was in. Originally, I wanted to find a green to make the flower stand out but then I decided to continue with the same color. I have a plan for this motif but I'm also playing with the thread - testing to see how it works out. If it's not quite right for the project, it's not a big loss in time.

I've been slowly gathering my books and putting them on a bookshelf that was meant to go in my bedroom...........but - I never tat in my bedroom, so why am I storing my tatting supplies in there??? It would be helpful if I put my treadmill the basement. Okay - weekend project is to clean up that room more - since J. has almost everything out that he wants........'cept it's s'posed to be 80º F out! I have soooo much to do outside - and we have a lace group meeting Sat. morning.

Oh, I'm off all week to help at my son's - but I'll only be there half days so ..............

Copter Fun Got this from Spinning Jennie's site. How frustrating! I did manage to get past the 1st obstacle once.

It's getting nice out - really looking forward to good weather!


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