Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Here's the fan in progress! Not blocked - some of the petals on the blossoms were folded while scanning. It will look so pretty when it's done tho. Only 2 blossoms left to do. I was so tired last night that my eyelids were barely staying open. So I went to bed about 1/2 hour hearly. I didn't even hear my grandson arrive this morning. I want to go over and help get their house cleaned up tonight so A. can come home to a comfortable home tomorrow and not feel like she needs to get up and do something.

Oh, here is the other big fan that will be on display Saturday. And I'll have the little hairpin lace fans and hopefully a couple of split ring fans.

I don't think I have enough thread on my shuttle for 2 more blossoms - that means I'll have to separate another skein - aaaacck! If I hadn't screwed up the very first one, there would've been enough. 8 yards per skein, and I separated the 6 strands into 2 strands per floss holder and tat with the 2 strands. I get 4 blossoms out of every floss holder card - which comes out to 2 yards per blossom! And about 1/2 hour per blossom. If I weren't so tired and didn't stop to either get up and take care of something else or end up retro-tatting, I think it could be done in 20 minutes easy.

(((GG))) My grandson informed me this morning that if I hadn't gotten his birthday present yet and if I had $30, I could get him the Yugiho (sp?) deck from K-Mart. If he said it once, he said it 10 times within a half hour. Then he can beat Kyle at the game. (gggg!) His birthday is Saturday and he will be seven.

Bought one prize for the tat-off last night.

The sun is shining and it's expected to be very nice again! I still have leaves to rake - but I guess they will wait.

I was thinking last night what I want to look for from the vendors on Saturday. There is a beautiful set of picot gauges that the Lacemaker has - I wanted them so bad last time. I really don't need any thread, but I can't seem to resist bright new fresh colors - or a new variegated. There are a few brands that might be available there that I can't normally get. And books - I don't really need any more books- I have sooo many now.........but there is always that ONE new pattern of something! I don't need any more reference books, that's for sure.

This will be such a short weekend. Lace Day & Bailey's birthday all on Saturday and Sunday will be my chore day then.


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