Friday, April 04, 2003

Hot diggity! Somehow I finished the fan last night. I went to my daughter's right after work to babysit. They were going to a Dave Matthews concert. I thought I brought everything I needed with me................NOT! We ended up making a run home so I could get my beads and another floss card of thread that I thought I had picked up and didn't. I had to separate a skein of floss - which is time consuming, but rayon is slick so it really isn't too bad. Then I had to wind it on a shuttle, attach a new thread..............oh, I had some ends to hide on the last few blossoms too and even after my trip home, I didn't have a very good hook for that. I use my size 14 hook most of the time and the one on my neck is a size 14, but the hook is shaped differently and it just doesn't slip under the ds waistband like my other one does. Plus it was quite warm yesterday and the chair I was sitting in felt hot. I was sweating. My granddaughter was sweating. When the kids got home, they agreed those particular chairs are hot in warm in weather. They hold the heat in - which is great in the winter.

It was so late last night that I didn't have time to block the fan - I'll do it tonight - along with getting Bailey's birthday present and other last minute chores. This has been a very busy week. Amiee got home from the hospital yesterday so I didn't have Bailey to take to the babysitter this morning. Her mom will be there to help today.

I brought some variegated cotton floss with me last night and separated 2 strands of that out and made a little rose. I didn't have a suitable thread with me to do the remainder of the motif..........but I brought it with me today and might give it a go during lunch. This particular floss is DMC and they have a larger size - size 8 I think - that matches. I would like to do a little more Hardanger when time permits. Also want to work with some of the needle laces. I got an Anna this week. I usually just order the May issue for the tatting feature, but I decided to go ahead and try 6 months of it since I like other needlecrafts too. They had a white table runner this time with needlelace insertion. Not the prettiest I've seen, but it reminded me that I wanted to try it. There was also one photo on the back previewing the next issue - well, more than one photo, but one of tatting - it looks like a light green coaster. Quite a bit of solid in the middle and the usual clover variation around. I'm not sure how it's so solid unless it is all chain work - it was too small to really see.

Got word that Gail, from my Roundrobins, is coming to Lace Day! I love putting faces with names. I kinda thought Wilma from Cincy was coming - I've met her a few times, but I don't remember the others who came last time. They may have been bobbin lacers too.

It's amazing how many canvas tatting bags I've accumulated in the past year. I have one from Heirloom Corner, one from last year's Lace Day by Circle City people, and one made for me in the Xmas exchange. They are all about the same size, fairly small, but perfect for a single project. Then I bought this big canvas tote from Annette's site, Making it up as I go, with a butterfly mandala. It's much bigger so I've got stuff in it today, as well as one of the smaller bags that already had tatting stuff in it. No wonder I can't keep track of anything! LOL!

I also learned I've got a surprise coming to me in the mail. (((gggggg))) Can't wait!

Yesterday I emailed an ebay seller to ask for a closer look at a shuttle. His name is the same as my son-in-law which is also the name of a famous male diet guru. ((((gggg)))). The shuttle is supposedly a Boye, but it didn't look like it in the original photo and even in the bigger one, it didn't look like the typical boye metal one. So I bid - we'll see if I win if it is anything special. I still couldn't tell from the photo. And he included a scan of another part, which I believe is a sewing machine part. I'm not sure why he grouped them together.

Ah, other obligations call......


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