Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Last night I started a new flutter for my RR. It's a butterfly in profile with beads, pattern by Rosemarie Peel. First, I had to convert the picot length to inches - it was given in millimeters (((GGGG))). I really need to make some picot gauges to fit those measurements now, but being in a hurry, I just drew a line and measured off with my fingers and thread when the long picots were called for. This really is a very simple butterfly.

I got to the part where you add the beads onto the picots..........and it was bedtime already. My crochet hook wouldn't fit in the bead. The beading needle did very fit nicely but I had to use a loop of thread through that and then the picot thread and it was too thick! I think now I could find a way with the two threads, but I decided to call it a night at that point.

I looked desperately for my size 16 hook this morning.........no where so I grabbed my container of metal hooks, hoping I had stuck it in there. I worked on it during lunch. I had another size 14 hook in the container that did go through some of the beads so I proceeded on. Spilled the beads TWICE! But I kept tatting on.............It's only chaining from picot to picot and the beads are added to the long picots. It took me longer to add the beads than it did to tat.

It's DONE! Cutie too, but now, the pink variegated thread looks more lavender than pink - especially with the multicolored pink beads - which I thought would add zing to the thread! LOL! The flutter is much smaller than the photo suggested (see the book Migrating Butterflies for a photo) so I will need to make a flock of flutters for the next recipient!

I was searching for something else in my pattern books last night, which I never found, and came across so many other tatted projects I want to do. I found the knitted lace hood pattern I want to make and since I have the needles now and had the thread/yarn for some time, I could be working on that before it gets too hot. How many tenses did I just use in that sentence???? Ha! It says what I want it to say so I'm stickin' to it!

I was going to use a really bright pink thread on that butterfly and then I decided it was too dark for the beads. I think I'll try it now and see if it works better than the pale pink variegated. I would like a little bigger black thread too. The size 50 altin basak is smaller than the other size 50 AB that I have.

sigh...........other issues waiting on me..............


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