Friday, April 25, 2003

I was just telling someone about the filet crochet I had done in the past.

"I once did several blocks with different animals or baby items but they were out of different Workbaskets, not even in the same year, so they didn't match up. I still have the individual blocks around somewhere. Then I once did a very large panel of a cherub holding a basket of flowers above the head and fastened it to a fabric covered stretcher frame. I eventually took it down and off the frame. One corner has come apart and needs repaired. I have some pictures somewhere of it on the wall. Then there was the top I made for myself that had a filet crochet yoke - it was all crocheted, but the top had some kind of pattern. It was a "smock" top, back in the 70's when those were popular. Dang heavy too! Unfortunately, once I washed it (cheap cotton thread - only thing I knew of back then) it shrunk. So then my daughter, who was 5 or 6 at the time, wore it as a dress once or twice. Then my granddaughter wore it when she was 4 or 5 - so it's sort of an unintentional heirloom."

I'll have to find some photos.

I made a large number of gifts over the years. So many things I couldn't begin to list them. I've had the embarrassment of commenting on an item in someone's home, only to be reminded that I made it for them! I think that's why I like the ofoto albums. I scan what I make and have a record of it. Most of my tatting belongs to someone else - very few of them family members. So I've decided to back off from the exchanges for the next year and focus on tatting some things for family. The bonnet I'm recreating will end up going in one of my unmarried sons chests for his future child. There is another bonnet I started a year or two ago - very close to being done and I lost the thread - but found it now. It will go to the other son. Perhaps I'll tat them some booties too. I crocheted sweaters and blankets for my other grandkids, the youngest of which is 7 now. I've also made all of them tooth fairy pillows of some kind - except the 2 youngest who are now losing teeth without my contribution! But I still have time and in fact, I came across a pattern that I think will suit the boys well recently. My granddaughter has a crocheted tooth fairy doll, which turned out quite nice. That one was a big project - the doll is over 12" tall and on a stand. I think I made my niece's the crocheted tooth fairy pillows with a little bag when they were young. Those are so lacy and delicate looking for the ease in the making.


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