Saturday, April 12, 2003

I tried tatting that motif from the Japanese book at our lace meeting this morning and kept screwing up. I had done it the hard way the first time so I wanted to try the easier way........kept forgetting a short chain with everyone talking. So I worked on it this evening and it turned out - like the thread too. Now, I'm doing an oval motif from the same book and thread - will make it into a bookmark, using the variegated for the center and will use the solid for the outside. I will try to do my last flutter this weekend too and then I will be done with roundrobins.

In these motifs - where it tells you to start is not necessarily the best place to start. I realized in the 2nd try, that I could've bridged out to the final row if I'd caught it early enough. I'm doing split rings on the middle rings of this motif - and then the outer part is all alternating rings. Easy tat.

Chris wanted me to help her with the 2nd half of her ds - she wasn't doing something right. It's just as hard to watch someone who is doing something wrong as something right. LOL! She was going so fast I couldn't tell if she was going under or over the shuttle thread when returning. I thought it was under so helped her see that and then it was looking a little neater. I think she was just making the 1st st unknowingly, over and over, yet it wasn't making the set stitch really.

I said I didn't really want to be secretary again.


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