Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Last night I strung 320 beads and wound 2 shuttles CTM. I'm going to have a go at that set stitch amulet bag of Dianna Stevens in It's In The Bag. The crocus is on hold til I at least try this. It's more beads than tatting and I thought it probably took longer to string the beads than it will to tat. These are purple/blue beads I bought at the Blue Moon in Ireland. It was a little bead shop just down from where I was staying on Bachelor's Walk. I think these are the ones that the color washes out of when they get wet - hugely disappointing.

I have some stuff ready to send to someone in Singapore, but didn't get the box addressed today. I have a conference over the next few days but I think I can still leave early enough to make it to the post office. I also have 6 overdue books for the library. Had a voice message yesterday that I needed to contact the library about my severely overdue books. They are ONE WEEK overdue. Yesterday. I'll drop them off tomorrow.

My son got his car back today. Seems Pep Boys gave him the wrong alternator and that's why it still wasn't running right. My oldest son was here when I got home this evening - he & Bailey had been mushroom hunting and had about 8 or so, 1 very very tall one! Bailey found 2 box turtles and they frightened a squirrel that practically flew across the creek.

Maybe I'll get to tat a bit tonight.


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