Sunday, March 09, 2003

Ahhh, now that should be easier on the eyes!

Took my granddaughter to the mall today to shop for some clothes for her birthday. I hate clothes shopping. Absolutely hate it. 2 hours later and 2 pairs of jeans and one purse.....we sat and had some ice cream from the Dairy Queen inside the mall. Oh, she bounced on the bouncing thing too - whatever you call it.

I've not been very nostalgic the last few years, but sitting in the mall brought back a LOT of memories. I worked there off and on in 2nd jobs to have enough income. Ever since I got a good enough job to not need the 2nd income, I've avoided the mall if I could. Much has changed. Much is the same. I couldn't believe all the 70's style of clothes. I didn't like them back then and I sure don't like them any better now. Mostly because my body doesn't accommodate the style very well. You know, most of it wasn't very flattering. Granny dresses weren't too bad, but I didn't like to wear dresses that much. Katie's other gift was a see-through ruler with tatted flowers, butterflies and doves.

My daughter's birthday is tomorrow. No elephant. :-( In fact, I have nothing for her at the moment.

In a moment I am going to:
1) Wash the dishes and put some clothes away.
2) take a nap.

Kinda sluggish still from this cold. At my daughter's last night, Andy also had a cold and Jesse was at home with a cold (sons). None of us could taste anything. I think we are about at day 10 on this - time for it to end!


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