Friday, March 28, 2003

All 12 blossoms for the 1st row are done! Well, I have to hide that final end.......but now I can tat those on. My youngest grandson is celebrating a birthday tomorrow, tho it's not really until the 5th, but his mom's having back surgery on Monday so they wanted to go ahead and do it while she is mobile. I'll be taking some time off after she is home to help out.

I rather like this concept of feminism: "To me feminism connotes a respect and admiration for women. Not above men, not instead of men(although believe me sister, I went to Oberlin and I been all through that stuff) but as the simply wonderful unique creatures we are."
Came from this page.
Okay, I'm finding some strange things on the web. ((g)) Funny - strange things. But it's those amusing and entertaining sites that keep me from getting too bogged down in seriousness.

Not a lot of tatty stuff to talk about today, although in a minute, I'm going to turn my attention to last minute details of our tat-off for lace day. Thank goodness I'm not going to be one of the tatters! I decided last time that it wasn't for me. I tried to tat too fast and my arm ached for 2 weeks. Forget that stuff..............more fun to watch and be judgemental! :-)


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