Monday, March 10, 2003

Last night I finished hairpin lace fan 3 and started on number 4. This one has blending filament in it and yellow beads. But I'm going to cut off the tatting part and start over. I decided to try nested rings or onion rings, as they are sometimes called, and I didn't get the outer ring quite big enough. I also don't like those beads with that thread, so I may skip those and just have pretty picots instead. The thread is size 20 and seems big compared to the 30 I've been working with. Those nested rings look rather large and clunky too..........might just do something else.

I ordered some new thread over the weekend too from Sew Thankful. First time I've ordered from there. I may try some of the Valdani quilting thread later.

I've just made my life less hectic so maybe there will be more time for tatting, amongst other things. Now if I could just get over this cold.........drink water, drink water, drink water.


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