Sunday, March 16, 2003

Lace - the invention of a goddess and the occupation of a queen -Vinciolo

Well, that says it all, huh? I grabbed that little quote from the Lacefairy site I mentioned yesterday. It just fit so perfectly - I am a goddess and my name means queen!

I changed my mind about the fan I'm making. Decided to do one out of Realce #426 which I bought through Georgia. I am so excited that she is moving so close! Teri's fan has too many daisies. I'll be sick of daisy doos long before I am done with it. Plus, looking through the pages of instructions and diagrams, I felt it was confusing. I can figure it out, but it shouldn't be that hard. So I opted for one with half as many daisies and instructions in another language.................but I can follow the diagram nicely, thank you. I've already started the handle part. Bummer, just remembered I wanted to use the Michael's 40% off coupon for a fold-up display board to use for these fans at lace day. It expires today and I don't have a paper for next week's and the Exponent won't be printed during Spring Break so it will be another week before I get it.

Back to the fan. I'm using the rayon floss because it was so much prettier than the silk floss I had. Skipped the beads for now, but I might put them on the blossoms. The handle part is off white and the blossoms willl be lavender and yellow, in keeping with the color scheme of the others.

At the moment, I reek of wintergreen scented liniment, which I applied liberally after my shower to soothe muscles after 2 days of leaf raking. Did you know that when you apply liniment to wide open pores, that you feel on FIRE? Well, now you do. I drank a beer to put the fire out. Not just any beer - Tequiza! - with blue agave nectar and the natural flavor of lime. Not bad. One was enough though.

So now I'm in for an evening of quiet and tatting. Oops, one more little tidbit! How to make bedroom slippers out of maxi pads! No kidding! Includes a link to a photo! ROTFL!


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