Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Finally! Here we are - the RED butterfly.

Looking at it here, it looks like those are chains around the initial ring in the upper wing, but it isn't. It's another ring. They aren't meant to be close enough in size to be like onion rings like this one in Hope's site. But I didn't like the way they flopped as I was tatting, so I joined them the same way you do onion rings. Almost like a giant dimpled ring (((smile))).

Didn't get to work on the fan last night. After raking leaves and walking the treadmill, I dashed back and forth from kitchen to computer as I followed the online tatting class. It was late anyway. Then, the first skein of floss didn't go too far on that fan handle, so I had to buy more and I separated that last night. Floss takes so long. :-( And I'm sure I'll have to separate another one before I'm done. I've got 3 out of 12 spokes done so far. I did have more floss from that skein, but because I tangled it and got frustrated, I cut it....and I'd like to avoid hiding any ends as much as possible.

When I got the extra floss, I also found some lavender crystal beads that I'm strongly considering for the flowers - as a center - if I can figure out how because they are daisy florals if I remember right. Not with me at the moment.

I received my flutter from Martha last night and I've dubbed it the Million Picot Butterfly! It should be here eventually. She adapted a motif from a camisole for it. I just love seeing everyone else's way of doing things.

I'll be glad when Lace Day is done so I can get back to tatting regular stuff, although I've been wanting to do these fans and never had a reason before. I still have those "thank you" bookmarks to do and my daughter's elephant. I haven't told her about it yet..............so of course, I haven't given her this link. My daughter-in-law is having back surgery next week so I'll be taking some time off when she returns home to help out there. They only live about 10 minutes away. Maybe I'll put a spare tatting bag in the car so I don't have to try to remember to pick something up before I leave the house. I do have one edging in my purse I would like to finish. It's a little forget-me-not edging and it will go on a pillowslip. I already have one done - the edging - not the embroidery on the pillowslip. Another UFO! I also HAVE to get to work on J's quilt!

It's lovely out again. I may try to dispose of more leaves tonight, depending on how windy it is. I have so much to do this weekend! Figure out my state tax form, my daughter is frosting my hair, visiting my grandson, organizing the tat-off and the LL flyer for Lace day, ....................why am I suddenly pooped? Oh yeah, I wanted to change the display window at work and that will involve some sewing, among other things.


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