Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Don't know where I would wear it but it's gorgeous!

My hummingbird shuttle arrived yesterday already! Very pretty - don't know if I will actually try to use it or not. LOL!

I found my striped bag last night but no shuttle in it. It's from The Wooded Hamlet........I can never remember the name of the place but I found a website yesterday and recognized the name. I remember they had a striped shuttle I really wanted but there was a flaw in it and no others to pick from like it.

I got 2 more blossoms done last night. So little done! I brought it with me today though as I have a few hours to kill between 5 & 7 this evening. It probably wouldn't take so long but I finish the ends on each before I start another. I did learn a little trick from Kendra at our last lace meeting. When you start a ring, you can hide the end at that time.......she was demonstrated adding a new thread with the start of a ring without a knot, but I realized I could use the same technique for starting a ring based motif. I've always hidden the ends later. This is really nice for this motif, because it starts as a ring and then has the rings around it, so you end up with the one thread at the end to hide. The leafy vine atttaches to each blossom and to the fan handle so they are all joined at once, after the blossoms are done. I think. No directions to tell me otherwise and the letters A, B, C, etc. don't make logical sequence. They are not referred to in the directions either or I would make it a point to translate that part. If I want to use the bead in the blossoms, I'm going to have to change how it is made, but only slightly. Add an extra picot and add the bead as shown in Rosemarie Peel's book about adding beads. In that case the picot is pulled down but I think I can make a picot on the down side to begin with. We'll see.


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