Saturday, March 15, 2003

Beautiful day out so I'm going to be cleaning inside and out both!

I thought I'd have the RED butterfly done, but it was so late when I got to it last night that I only got the one side finished. Ready to do the other side. It's just the chain edging though. sigh........then I will start on a fan pattern by Teri Dusenbury......which I won't post here.

Bina is guest teacher at the Online Tatting class. I keep forgetting to go there. The lesson is using an angel motif. Have to admit I'm a little tired of angels. I do like winged creatures for tatting because you can tat the loveliest wings, but I think I was bombarded with too many angel images too long. I have those gorgeous ceremic child angels on my Christmas tree every year - so many that I can't put anything else on there! I had Bessie Pease Gutmann's sleeping angel on my checks for 3 years til the bank changed it's coding and I changed banks. And there are some paintings I absolutely adore, but I'm tired of tatting angels. I was wondering this morning if fairies could be tatted with enough flair? Their little bodies are so slender and delicate's hard to convey, but I may give it a go sometime. Anyone else interested in tatted fairies???? Now, if you are interested in lace fairies, go here to the Lacefairy. Click on "lacemaking" on the left and it will take you to a needlelace fairy. And then on that page, you can enlarge the one shown or you can scroll down to the gallery and click on lace fairies which will take you to that one and a bobbin lace fairy.

If anyone has made a tatted fairy, I would love to see it! Email me or post a comment telling me where I can see it and everyone else can see it too! Hey, we might just come up with a new pattern book! LOL!

Well, I'm off to spit and polish!........errrr.....or at least straighten the clutter.


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