Monday, March 24, 2003

bobbin lace creations I figure anything you can do with bobbin lace, you can probably do with tatting. I'm filing this idea away for a future project!

And here at Jewel Palace there are tatted motifs. Click on tatting at the top and then there is another link (the purple tatted thingie) to the says they are of wool. I'm not sure how these would be used.....coasters? Doesn't say how to order or the prices, but it does tell how each item is made - other things besides tatting.

And here are some fun limericks with illustrations! Oh, there is some tatting there too.......nice earrings.

Oh! And look at this Pretty!

Looks like another male tatter. Frank doesn't give much info about it though. I didn't even see a place to contact him at.


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