Thursday, March 13, 2003

I got the photo on today! Now, the next step is to figure out how to do thumbnails that you can click on to see more detail. I try to keep the pictures fairly small on here but you can't see the detail very well that way.

I started a red (RED!) butterfly last night from an old old pattern. Good thing I took Kendra's advice and traced it through beforehand. The directions completely forgot a ring. I ended up improvising and changing it a bit for ease in tatting and stability. There were 2 concentric (?) or nested rings, but the 2nd was considerably larger than the first and the directions did not attach them to each other. I didn't like the way they flopped when I did it that way so I ...........did it over! I'm also using a blending thread - a Sulky, sliver (not silver) metallic 145-8020....which is multicolored and tinsely looking, with numerous colors. I was afraid it would stretch, but that hasn't been an issue yet. I try to remember to tat a bit looser so that I won't be pulling so tightly, but the ring is so large, that I ended up tugging on it more than usual anyway. LOL! One side and bottom done and will do the other tonight and the outer chainwork. It's looking pretty ..............and different from the one in the picture which was originally part of a handkerchief corner and in size 70. This is in size 20 Aida. I love the rich red of this ball. The pattern is from House of White Birches Tatting #6 - Forty Original Designs, very last page. The #17 edging would look nice on the hairpin lace fan too. Maybe later....I have other fans I want to do in the meantime.

Omigosh! I just figured out who that guy was in the DVD I watched last night - Men with Brooms..........Paul Gross - oh, what was that show - a transplanted Canadian mountie in NYC? LOVE HIM!! LOL! I kept looking at him last night and wondering where I had seen him before - kept thinking of some super hero of some kind. Well, he was super..........his dead father would appear to him and tell him how to solve a case, and he had that pet wolf...............hooowwwllllll!

ahem...........back to tatting.........

okay.......I had to look it up.........Due South was the series. He's Canadian. His humor came across much better in Due South, but Men in Brooms is funny overall. My favorite re-runs, that aren't showing now are Due South and .......sheesh........blank mind........Northern Exposure....The Alaska show. I swear it was based on Tom Bodett's writing about Alaska.


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