Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I noticed there are some new Butterfly patterns resulting from the Roundrobins! It's a pleasure to know so many talented and generous people. I only have 3 more flutters to make for my last roundrobin....and so many choices! And one more for the birthday roundrobin. I haven't signed up for any more. I'm a little discouraged by those who have been unable to continue. I'm also a little tired of the motifs I've been doing. I want to do a crinoline/sunbonnet girl exchange. Once I finish these roundrobins and a few other obligations, maybe I'll arrange an exchange.

I brought my elephant tatting with me today. I only got 1 ring and 1 chain done last night. Too busy trying to decipher a math lesson. I brought the math with me today too...........I'D RATHER TAT!!!! Unfortunately, I only have 2 arms and my eyes insist on both going in the same direction..........or I could do both at the same time. Sometimes I think there was a little flaw in the way we were made. Wouldn't it be nice to sprout extra arms and legs and eyes or other body parts as we needed them.......and then pack them away when we didn't? I'm getting visions of huge boulders of people who wouldn't know when to stop sprouting. Okay, the original plan was a good one.

mmmm......I'm really liking the idea of a pinafore/crinoline/sunbonnet girl exchange. And they are always potential angels.....I gotta figure out smilie graphics for here. :-)

Oh yeah...........got my shuttle from the Shuttlemaker last night. A bright blue leaning towards turquoise - wood. Very big! Not like a Tatsy though, not that long, but it will hold a ton of thread.........which might be good for that table topper I need to get back to. I need to see if I can do the tatting on that continuously by bridging from one motif to another or if it will still require a cut & tie when I complete a motif. It's that lovely rose doily in The Big Book of Tatting. Too big for a doily, IMO, and I'm not a doily person anyway, but I thought it would make a nice table topper for a small round table - or a pedestle thingie I'm considering for my office. Except the colors are wrong for my office. I think I originally intended that it would be a gift. I have the blossoms done, just doing the connecting tatting - a sort of filigree look to it. But back to the shuttle...........this one is wide where most aren't. I don't like to put so much thread on that it hangs out the sides. I think it's hard on the shuttle itself, causing the cheaper plastic ones to become sprung - and probably the other kinds too. I've never put that much thread on. I also think having it hanging out like that means you touch it more, rubbing body oil and grime into it even more than with regular handling. The palms of my hands sweat more than the fingers and that's what the thread would be constantly touching - my palms - as I manipulated the shuttle around.


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