Thursday, March 20, 2003

Tatting and chocolate go hand in hand. For me, it's also tatting and licorice. I love black licorice. I don't permit myself to buy it very often because I will eat the whole bag. Easily done too, since no one else likes it!

I ran/drove to Walmart during my lunch hour to buy a box of Puffs Plus to comfort my often running nose. My smelling sense is still lame but I'm getting it back. Also bought some Werther's Originals and Riesens for the candy jar sitting by my computer which is right next to my office door, within reach of passersby. :-) When I sat out front, candy didn't last a day.......but now that I'm inside somewhere, they have to stop and talk to me. Not really, but I think they think so. I also bought a bag of black licorice sticks. Already had two and tucked them away in a drawer. Not because I don't want to share - I know no one here likes it - but if I don't hide it, I'll be eating it alllllllll day!

I worked a little on the fan last night. I don't know why it's so late when I finally get to tatting. I hope to get the handle done by the weekend and then do the florets at the weekend. Then I might still have time to do some more miniature fans before Lace Day. None are on fansticks though. :-( I have one tiny fanstick somewhere - that I bought in Ireland from Ann Keller. I believe I have a pattern for that size too. I may have to go check her - AAACCCCKKKKK - it's not showing up! I even tried a search. The last time I visited, it had changed somewhat but was still at the same url. booooo...

This licorice is soooo fresh! Soft & supple and easy to chew. I still can't taste real well though.

Tatting..........where was I? Oh, fansticks. I've been buying fans as I see them that are cheeeeeep with the idea of experimenting. I bought some at The Feast of the Hunter's Moon last October. LOL! I found this one site that looked to have good photos and little movies - but it won't work on my computer. Shucks, I wanted to see the naked man. One of the braves last autumn was damn close to naked. I wondered if it was the same fellow. I'm not in any of these photos, btw. I borrowed clothes from another lacer to appear in period costume. Guess I better get busy making my own. I bought a lovely shuttle while there and I can't remember where it is now.

back to the Feast, I also bought a couple of fans for the fansticks - laser cut wood. My intentions are bigger than my time pool.

I now have 5 spokes done and I can see in this light where the floss color is slightly different when it is on white. It's very antiquey looking, so maybe that will save me? Plus I will have it on a background that is not white. They looked the same at home and when I have it laying on a manilla folder, they all look the same. Just have to stay away from that stark white background.

sigh.............believe it or not, I do have interests other than tatting. I've been wanting to paint for ages and ages now. I have wire to play with and stones. I sew now and then. And Spring makes me anxious to plant garden.

There are so many pretty flutters coming to the Butterfly 4 roundrobin. Several of my RR partners are including scans of what they are sending out. Talent, inspiration, and generosity abound!


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