Friday, March 07, 2003

(((((SMILE))))))) I was experimenting with a hairpin lace fan that I had printed a picture of a long time ago from Georgia's online class about hairpin lace. Since Hope got me inspired to try it, it was a cinch to make the piece. There were no instructions, but I could guess from the photo. Very very simple - just a row of chains with picots along one side of the strip and a tassel through the loops on the other side. I'm working on a version now with clovers and chains for the fan top. Then I'll add beads, maybe a more intricate design, and a different handle/tail/tassle. This will fit right in with our theme of fans for my lace group's Lace Day in April.

hmmmm.......blending filaments too.......

later.........finding numerous fan patterns if I could just find more time to tat them!


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