Thursday, March 27, 2003

Yesterday, I literally had my tatting in my pocket. For the connection to that sentence, see here to find the poem, Tatting in My Pocket. It's generally not convenient for me to carry tatting with me that isn't in a container. I need my crochet hook, even though my clover has a pick, I prefer the crochet hook for the smaller threads; I need my scissors; I need my reading glasses.............I just like to have it all with me and it isn't feasible to carry that around with me on campus. Yesterday, however, I had my little shuttle in my pocket and it was loaded with the yellow rayon floss I'm using on the blossoms. The blossoms are simply rings so I didn't need a ball thread or 2nd shuttle. There were 2 occasions yesterday when I found myself waiting on someone - in fact, neither person showed up...........and I tatted blissfully away. I made one more blossom last night at home, but I was so tired I went to bed early.

I just realized this morning that I'm covering for 2 other people this week...........I only thought it would be one..... and it's not that they left me much to do, but it's that being "on call" that wears me out. Remembering the pager (I don't even remember to carry my own) and answering questions I don't typically answer. Every day. I'll be glad when everyone is back.

I was looking at the info for the IOLI convention yesterday too. I think I'll plan my vacation around it as there are several people I want to see on the east coast and this would be a good opportunity. I'll probably only go on vendor day for the convention. The classes are far too expensive for me. If that was the cost for the whole week and you could go to break outs, I would consider it, but there is nothing being offered that I am overly interested in. Especially not to the tune of $220. But then, I'm a self-teacher from forever back - and while I do see the value in learning from someone else, I know I can do it myself. It's usually the finer points of a craft that I want to learn from another. I like bobbin lace, but I don't really have the time to devote to it. There isn't a whole lot more about tatting I could learn........what I do now is practice and refine techniques I already know..........experiment.............try something new once in awhile. I'm more interested in new patterns, threads and tools than technique.........and how to use all of them in new applications. So I like to go to see what is out there - for the entertainment of it. But as far as instruction.........not enough draw for me.

There are also other crafts I want to pick back up on. Painting is as much of a passion for me as tatting, but it takes up space and time so I've put it aside ................. and I really miss it. I can take the tatting anywhere. Painting must be done at home. I also have a quilt to finish and another to start and I want to get those done. I've decided to not hold any offices with my lace group next term. It's taking up time I'm less willing to give now.

Hmmmm, reading the material about the convention, it looks like I can hit the sales room anytime after Tuesday which would be wonderful in allowing me more flexibility in my visiting. I see Karey S. is an instructor and while I like the idea of the camisole top, it is still too expensive for what I feel I would take away from it. Lots of wire stuff going on. I like wire wrapped jewelry, but I've not been particularly attracted to tatted, knit, crochet or bobbin lace wire items. An interesting diversion, but not something I would stay with. I see it more as artistic expression than anything.

My daughter's elephant is on hold for the time being. Hopie said I had to name, planned elephant is now dubbed Penelope!

Wow, this month is nearly over! I need to get the April birthday RR underway too. This will be the last one........what shall I make?


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