Monday, March 31, 2003

Four more blossoms to go!

I finished the update for our informational flyer for Lace Day & sent them to B. to put in the final format.

Still need to figure out exactly how many categories to be judged for the tat-off.

My DIL got through the back surgery this morning great! Saw her at noon. Hope it continues.

Stayed after work to finish up some injury statistics for a safety committee tomorrow. That really ate into my evening. I might only get 2 more blossoms done tonight. My grandson will be here at 5:30 a.m. the next 3 mornings, so I should try to get to bed earlier. HA!

I'm hoping to have enough time to tat a little something to put in one of those frames for a prize for the tat-off ....or to put in the raffle. A fan, ideally. to tat.........

Bummer...........turned out I left the shuttle, thread and beads at work! No matter, I simply started attaching the blossoms that were done to the rest of the fan. Got 3 attached.


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