Monday, March 03, 2003

Cool! Looking through this site that I linked to from Not Martha I found tulip socks I wasn't planning on knitting any socks.........but whoo - whee - make a nice gift for my granddaughter for next Christmas. And that's about how long it will take me!

Lots of new flutters in these roundrobins!
Butterfly 4
Butterfly 3
I see there are a few new patterns and more to come!

That reminds me - I won a shuttle on ebay - sent the payment out today. Lost 2 other bids although they were not shuttles. Sometimes that stuff goes for way more than what it's worth - at least to me. Frankly, I'm happy with what I have and only look at something really unusual. Rosita has those -but for way too much. I've decided I will go to the Isle of Barbados and find one on my own - have lotsa fun in the sun too, drink some Jamaican Rum.......make it worth my time!

Elephant tatting is going very very slowly, just like an elephant plodding through the jungle. Now I understand why Hopie howls with laughter when I say I will have it done on the 10th. I will probably still be working on it when I finally get around to visiting her. Maybe a new goal should be to have it done by county fair time????? I was going to borrow it back from my daughter to enter anyway. And that table topper I started last May....LAST enter in last year's fair. .........sigh.........


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