Monday, March 24, 2003

Here is the Rocking Horse from Kate's Kritters tatted in size 12 perle Valdani color Jewels. The thread tatted nicely. The colors didn't quite stand out the way I expected. I think the muted/bright variegated doesn't work so well on this motif. It's pretty easy........I had to keep referring to the drawing. I would love to see this book updated. It was created in the 80's with line drawn diagrams and not particularly easy to follow directions. No mistakes in the directions, but I do have trouble reading them. I got the rhythm of it after awhile. It takes a bit to get into a particular designer's way of expression.

I'm still working on the rayon floss fan. The handle is done, the floss separated for the blossoms and I got one blossom done last night. Actually, I got 2 done, but one is not quite right. Since the directions are in Spanish, and even from what I've translated, not too detailed, I've been relying on the diagram. I don't think this is the prettiest way to make a blossom, but I'll go ahead with it rather than try to redo it another way........since I'm getting into a time crunch now. It will still be pretty.

The tatted fan on this site is very much like the handle of the fan I am now tatting, except mine has 12 spokes and the ring at the bottom is a little different. Now imagine 2 rows of posies at the top of that with leaves interspersed.

Want to practice your split rings?? Just found this split ring dragonfly pattern! Cute! I now have THREE dragonfly patterns!

Yes! I just found another tatting blog! Keisha's!

Bummer! Just realized this is the week I told someone I'd fill in for them at an evening I'm carrying the boss's pager. County schools have spring break this week and just as many people gone as last week when the university had spring break.

Time has been at a premium lately and every time I sit at my chair to tat, I realize I've got my tatting stuff strung all over the house and I don't even know exactly where. It's beginning to bother me, especially when I'm trying to track down this bead, that thread, and whatever happened to the shuttle I bought at the Feast? I don't know where it's at. It should be in a striped bag, but I thought I emptied that out.

I'm getting a hummingbird shuttle.......on it's way today! Plus one I won in an auction and a set I ordered from The Shuttleshop . And I have a commemorative shuttle coming from our Lace Day.

I won a shuttle a while back that says "lydia pinkham" on it. This one has the pick so maybe it is the real mccoy. It also had a little metal tube with sewing thread in it.........also stamped in the metal "Lydia Pinkham Vegetable Compound." What is on the shuttle is not easy to see - quite worn. I've suddenly acquired several shuttles in a very short time. I really don't want any more unless they are exceptional in some way to me. I have 5 blanks to paint myself.........if I ever get to paint again. I don't even need any more of my clover colored utility shuttles.............just need to empty what I have!

Spring Cleaning is hanging over my head, big time! Well, work is calling me too.


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