Friday, March 07, 2003

Fixed! Lost some comments along the way and found one I missed before.

Been surfing for free lace graphics. What I want is sadly lacking. Working on revamping the Lace Group's brochure and just wanted to see what was available. Even Mark's free graphics weren't where they used to be. He gave me permission to use one on some Xmas tags once, and he had them on etatters for anyone to use, but since I'm not there anymore, can't really check. Want more than just tatting though and since he also does bobbin lace, I thought he might have a few. Maybe we'll continue to use Carolyn's. I just wanted to inject some variety into it. His might be too cutesy for this group's tastes though.

Other than changing my text color and finding out how to add pictures, I think I'll quit messing with this for awhile. I'm not getting an inch of tatting done hardly! I don't like the bright pink motifs on the elephant blanket...........very strongly considering doing them again in a different color. They are pretty by themselves but I just don't like them next to the turquoise, especially after using the goldy yellow for the round before. Guess I could make a couple of different samples before I work the elephant around it - since I'm obviously not going to get it done in time.


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