Friday, March 28, 2003

I have 2 blossoms left to attach. I've taken a break because my eyes kept slamming shut, even though it is early. Well, relatively speaking, for a Friday's early. I do want to finish the last two. Then tomorrow I can start on the last 12 blossoms with the bead. The viney part that attaches the blossoms to the handle is going quickly and the next row will go even faster, because it will be alllllll green. This part is ivory where it attaches to the handle and then has the green leaves that attach to the blossoms. chains = ivory; rings = green leaves.

I did make an error at the beginning......very difficult to read the diagram, and it's the opposite side of where I am really. It's a little different at the beginning and the end and I missed the correct join - in 2 places. One was a miscount on the handle chain.....the other was the join to the blossom, but it will be okay. I can't fix it without redoing the whole thing, which I'm not doing. I always think I am being so careful and then I see the mistake way down the road. Most of time, I redo it, but it won't make a significant difference in this. The pale green looks really pale now! Maybe I should have gone with the stronger one but there are only 2 choices in rayon and the other is bright compared to the other colors I'm using. I wanted the green softer.

I have 3 different skeins of multicolored cotton floss that I drug out of my room sometime this week during a search for something else. I'm dying to make something from at least one of them! I pick them up everytime I sit down in that chair - touching and stroking them as if they will tell me their secrets and whisper what they want to be. And I have ideas!

I got the booklet today about the county fair and categories to enter in. It is July 19-26, always over my birthday and hotter than hades. I can enter 2 items under each category. There is tatting, of course, and then I could enter 2 somethings tatted in home decor (freestanding and hanging), handmade jewelry techniques. I could also do something in sewing, trimmed in tatting and there are 6 categories in sewing.. There is also wearable art. I could use tatting in any of the drawing/painting sections; dolls & bears; christmas decorations (hanging and freestanding); or enter my shuttles in the collection division. Or......I could enter a collection of tatted butterflies, or tatted hearts.......anything with a minimum of 3 items. But frankly, getting 2 for the tatting alone might be all I can do.

Two more blossoms!


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